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Electrical service & Repair

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Residential & Commercial Solar Installations

All projects include turn-key installation providing our clients a zeroed-out electrical bill. We provide design options, engineering, city permitting, local utility interconnection, and a hassle-free installation. The end user out-of-pocket cost through our program versus other 'big name' corporations save our customers an average of 30%.

Off Grid Systems

0ur basic off-grid system consists of solar, battery storage, and generator back up power. Whether you live in town or on the outskirts of the county line, we can provide a permanent self-generating power solution you can depend on for decades without fussing with the local utility company.

Battery & Generator Back up Power

Critical Load Panels

Uninterruptable Power Systems (UPS)

​Differences in back up power options Battery Vs. Generator

Which is best for my scenario?